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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

hermanzaum aka Cesar Herman l Webpages: DeviantArt Profile/ Gallery
Male/Florianopolis, Brasil

The description of the photo above by the photographer is: A car, a door and lots of red -- well, I do notice lots of red for sure so I decided to put it on th top. Most of time when I look at ART, i also search for certain JOY hidden within, as for a minimalistic work like this, I try to picture myself as the photographer himself, walking on the streets casually with a lovely tiny DC in my hand, looking for the right spot, the great place, the perfect timing, then it's more comprehensible for me that it is indeed a great JOY to simply love the colors you are looking at. In hermanzaum's gallery, you come across some photos like this and each of them has its own tale to say. As for the most poetic story I read so far in his gallery, out of question, is Pulling the veil:
The comment I made on it is as follows:

This, my friend, is simply stunning! Even though the composition is really minimal, but the image itself does speak a thousand words. That guy at the top is just like a weaver who use the clouds to make the most light and smooth fabric in his hands. The shade you put on intentionally gives the picture a very strong contrast and comportable balance. BRAVO!
Well, if unfortunately I have no chance of running into something better than this veil that keeps haunting for ever since I saw it, I almost feel the urge to say that this work should be Photo of the Year in my book.


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