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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

hermanzaum aka Cesar Herman l Webpages: DeviantArt Profile/ Gallery
Male/Florianopolis, Brasil

The description of the photo above by the photographer is: A car, a door and lots of red -- well, I do notice lots of red for sure so I decided to put it on th top. Most of time when I look at ART, i also search for certain JOY hidden within, as for a minimalistic work like this, I try to picture myself as the photographer himself, walking on the streets casually with a lovely tiny DC in my hand, looking for the right spot, the great place, the perfect timing, then it's more comprehensible for me that it is indeed a great JOY to simply love the colors you are looking at. In hermanzaum's gallery, you come across some photos like this and each of them has its own tale to say. As for the most poetic story I read so far in his gallery, out of question, is Pulling the veil:
The comment I made on it is as follows:

This, my friend, is simply stunning! Even though the composition is really minimal, but the image itself does speak a thousand words. That guy at the top is just like a weaver who use the clouds to make the most light and smooth fabric in his hands. The shade you put on intentionally gives the picture a very strong contrast and comportable balance. BRAVO!
Well, if unfortunately I have no chance of running into something better than this veil that keeps haunting for ever since I saw it, I almost feel the urge to say that this work should be Photo of the Year in my book.

Illustration l Quatre Illustration

There is actually a long story how I found this: I bought a Canon printer last year, i.e., IP4000, which not only looks great but works like a charm; a couple of weeks ago i happened to know they gave free ink cartridges from a flyer i got at a local 3C store, the new printers on it got my attention so i visited Canon's website trying to find them, then a side-bared ad got me, a link to a fantatic service provided by Canon, which they call Canon 3D papercraft (and please do me a favor now, by bookmarking the hyperlink!!). And what is it about?! Well, everything is super cool in this website! you have greetings, 3D paper craft, scapbook, calendars etc, all available in A4, 4"x6" or letter size for you to print (and don't tell me you haven't bookmarked it yet!) Not only i have got my fabulous 3D 2007 calendar and some lovely paper craft, but I spotted an illustration team that i'm greatly fond of, i.e., QUATRE ILLUSTRATION. Too bad i can't read Japanese, but the styles they create are all so warm and friendly that I think everyone would appreciate their designs. Enjoy your trip, and don't tell me you don't want to bookmark this! ^_^

Artist: Quatre Illustration
Nationality: Japan l Official website
Greeting cards l Calendars 4"x6" or 3D

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Digital l Pergamon

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Originally uploaded by Pergamon.
When I started my flickr account a couple of months ago, I was a bit more interested in digital art than photography so I tried to find some through various groups, and the works of Pergamon (aka Ingo H.) simply caught my attention at the first sight and since then he was and still is one of the best I have seen around flickr. He is such a master in colors, structure, sketching, photography and art that I almost have no doubt that one day his works will be put in the textbooks for studies and be infinite inspiration for the generations to come. This is the highest compliment i can pay him, and I do take it a great honor as one of thousand among his contacts.

What others think about this piece? One says "I feel like standing up and clapping for this one (but can't do that, since I don't want people giving me funny stares!) :) ...really brilliant, the way it creates the sense of huge space - I like the fine details - they lend credibility to the vision (as they do to any)"; another goes like "Truly fantastic…. a horde of mystery… a direction as of more claiming…. oneiric, a storm of mystery… I like much your choices of colors which honour my eyes…. I am fan…." and of course, I AM A BIG FAN too.



Alrightie, here I am, creating another blog, simply to collect all the great art i see around the web. Since i call this webblog "Art, not so common", i will do my best to put a work by contemporary or classic artists that has superior artistic qualities within, in a very subjective way since not only tastes differ but I am no expert in ART. As a humble life-time learner, I'm still tryin' and tryin' and TRYING to find my own way. The artwork displayed here could be photography, illustration, digital art, traditional art, design, architecture, etc, and i will put a very short & amateurish (says who i got a DEGREE)comment following the work. Of course there's nothing new or fresh in this whole idea, but hey, what's wrong with saying something nice about what i like and sharing them with strangers. :O)

So are you ready for some art? take it easy, it only takes some time, a fine mind and a bit of gratitude & fortune to appreciate ART, though for artists, that's a whole different story. Speaking of which, I would like to quote Oscar Wilde here: "When bankers get together they talk about art. When artists get together, they talk about money."

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