My Apology

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Since when I stopped writing anything for this blog? it's almost like 4 months ago! Guilty as charged! But don't you worry, I haven't quite gave up this blog and I'm ready to introduce you to more artists, exclusively for your pleasure (& mine as well). :P

Last week after I signed in my Diigo account, I found my group has a few new faces, that's exciting, except for the fact that I'm the only sharing the bookmarks and there are 99 in all! When you visit my group, you can see this Expand tag following the title of bookmark, I make it a point of writing a brief note about each website w/ a tiny picture so you can get a quick idea what it's about. In the next few posts, I will start with the artists I have introduced in my group, and managed to make a longer comment as well. Of course I wouldn't say I'm capable of writing something you read on lines and colors, You have to excuse me about that, after all, I ain't smart enough to earn a degree in Art or something. ■

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