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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Originally uploaded by Pergamon.
When I started my flickr account a couple of months ago, I was a bit more interested in digital art than photography so I tried to find some through various groups, and the works of Pergamon (aka Ingo H.) simply caught my attention at the first sight and since then he was and still is one of the best I have seen around flickr. He is such a master in colors, structure, sketching, photography and art that I almost have no doubt that one day his works will be put in the textbooks for studies and be infinite inspiration for the generations to come. This is the highest compliment i can pay him, and I do take it a great honor as one of thousand among his contacts.

What others think about this piece? One says "I feel like standing up and clapping for this one (but can't do that, since I don't want people giving me funny stares!) :) ...really brilliant, the way it creates the sense of huge space - I like the fine details - they lend credibility to the vision (as they do to any)"; another goes like "Truly fantastic…. a horde of mystery… a direction as of more claiming…. oneiric, a storm of mystery… I like much your choices of colors which honour my eyes…. I am fan…." and of course, I AM A BIG FAN too.


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